The Hampton Street Auditorium Specifications

  • Proscenium stage has a width of 31' and height of 19'8'
  • Curtain line to back wall is 30'
  • Footlights to apron is 7' x 31'
  • Center line to SL Wall is 30"
  • Center line to SR Wall 31"
  • Wing space SL is 13' x 20'6"
  • Wing space SR is 13' x 20'6"
  • Width from wing to wing is 31'
  • The stage does not include a fly system, line sets, or stage traps
  • There are three dressing rooms, however shower and laudry facilites are not available.
  • Loading/Unloading dock and crew are not available

Rental Rates:
The base rental rate is $400.00. The hourly rate is $40.00. *The Base Rate represents a minimum fee for up to four (4) hours of usage. Additional usage may be arranged at the time of signing this agreement. The additional usage will be charged at the hourly rate. A deposit of $250.00 is required for all rentals.

Gallery Specifications

  • Open room with 14 exhibit panels each 4’ x 8’
  • Room Dimension: 30’ x 40’
  • Includes a small storage closet and sink
  • Table and chairs are available with room set up upon request

Rental Rates:
The base rate* is $150.00 The hourly rate is 40.00